Everyone gets a piece of the pie, the Forex Pie

If you were to stack 100USD dollar bills vertically, the volume that the Forex Market trades will still be taller than the Burj Khalifa.

The daily trading volume of the Forex Market is over 6 trillion (USD 6,000,000,000). That amount of money is going in and out of the Forex market on a DAILY basis!

But how does it affect the everyday investor/trader?

Because of the sheer volume and liquidity, no one can control the Forex market. Which makes it beginner-friendly since you will not be at a perpetual losing end, if you have a smaller starting capital compared to the “big players” in the market. It is a level playing field for traders and investors of all levels of experience.

It allows everyone to get a share of the pie 

With that said, how do traders profit from the Forex market?

While there are many ways, systems and techniques to achieve a positive return in Forex, it is important to know that Forex is risky and a trader could lose both profits and capital.

Here at JF Lennon, we believe that trading can be made Fun, Easy and Stress-Free. You need not stare at charts all day long so as to enter your trades. We adopt a systematic approach that focuses on; Strategy, Money Management and most importantly Emotional Discipline to achieve consistent profits in Forex Trading. 

Want to learn more about how we do it?

Join us in a preview where we teach you how the everyday trader can profit from the worlds’ largest financial market. 

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