Institute of Financial Science

JF Lennon Institute of Financial Science was established with the primary focus on the research and development of financial trading methodologies and technologies. The institute envisions being a premier institution serving the Asia Pacific region, providing quality financial education of the highest standards. Central to our mission is the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge in the Forex Markets.

In order to achieve a position of market leadership, JF Lennon thrives in our relentless pursuit of wealth creation methodologies of Financial Science through continuous research and development efforts on trading the Forex market, as well as our commitment to create a supportive environment for effective education



    For the first time ever, never in my 12 years history of JF Lennon have we done this… This year, 2018 we are giving back to the society in a unique way. What's so unique? I am initiating COURSE4ACAUSE! You donate for a good CAUSE, We teach you a Forex COURSE! Yes...

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Natural Stupidity vs Artificial Intelligence

          Natural Stupidity VS Artificial Intelligence We've received numerous emails asking us to check on some Facebook advertisements! Check out the video to find out Dato Jimmy Wong's reply. www.jflennon.com More Related Videos...

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Results Speaks the LOUDEST!

Results Speak The Loudest...continuation of my results since September 2017! Nothing beats showing my current REAL LIVE results from the MT4 backend via FB Live. Unlike many self proclaimed "gurus" who show their results with screenshots or other still mode images....

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The latest rave on BitCoin

"Sensible lunch" will never be free and if you want " Free Lunch", be prepared to pay the ultimate price!! Think, think again and repeat. www.jflennon.com More Related Videos...

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Yet another unhappiness over my LIVE TRADING FX RESULTS! Get Rich Kopitiam did another video complaining that they can't see my results CLEARLY. Now I am here to PROVE ... Get ready and LAMBO.... www.jflennon.com More Related Videos...

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