Institute of Financial Science

JF Lennon Institute of Financial Science was established with the primary focus on the research and development of financial trading methodologies and technologies. The institute envisions being a premier institution serving the Asia Pacific region, providing quality financial education of the highest standards. Central to our mission is the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge in the Forex Markets.

In order to achieve a position of market leadership, JF Lennon thrives in our relentless pursuit of wealth creation methodologies of Financial Science through continuous research and development efforts on trading the Forex market, as well as our commitment to create a supportive environment for effective education


Are these “As Seen” Trainers Credible?

    The ‘As Seen’ tactic is so widely used that some of the public are believing these irresponsible individuals are invited, featured and acclaimed. “Think, think again and repeat the sequence!” . . . . . www.jflennon.com More Related Videos...

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    It doesn't take much intelligence but simple ‘COMMON SENSE’ to know how to be SMART … Street Smart! These days, con artists are coming up with unique and interesting ways to make you part your hard-earned money. I was told of one case about “Business Solutions...

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    smoke-screen [noun] - "a ruse designed to disguise one's real intentions or activities." . . . this is exactly what many dubious Forex schools are doing! They like to create a smokescreen by quoting big names like SGX but the fact is that they are not linked nor...

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Meet and Greet

  After the Tribe Champion CSR, namely Corporate Social Responsibility held in Singapore last year. My ardent fans, followers and beloved Malaysian students have been asking me to do something likewise for their community. One of which is the Course4ACause recently...

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