YOU – Mentored By A Millionaire?

The writing is on the wall…

We’re now approaching a new era, where:

  • Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Sales Professionals
  • Network marketers

Simply have no choice but to EVOLVE, and operate from a entirely different position of power, possibility and perspective.

If nothing else…

History has taught us this brutal fact.

FACT: Things can get pretty ruthless when economic rules get re-written

Those in-the-know, prosper… those who don’t, get crushed – that’s just the way life is.

And if you’re savvy enough, you’ll recognize this “changing of the guard” as a window of opportunity.

But the “window of opportunity” LIKE THIS isn’t staying wide open like it is now, which is why we’ve created Tribe Champion and offering you a mentoring scholarship valued at $50k when you naturally decide to join us.

Tribe Champion is a group of like minded and purpose-driven people from various business, social and economic sectors who want to awaken their fullest personal, professional and philanthropic selves by building mutually beneficial long-term relationships to help one another better achieve each individual’s goals, desires and dreams. Our goal is to inspire, uplift and serve, while empowering our members with the success mindset and practical tools needed to live an exceptional life of significance and excellence. This is accomplished via online and in-person education and training, kick-ass events, business networking opportunities, experiential travel, courses and workshops, publications, mentoring and more.

Here’s What You Get With Your 
Tribe Champion Mentoring Scholarship


    • How to become the Chief Executive Officer of your own life
    • Spoon-feed you the knowledge and accountability necessary to be competitive and take performance
      to record heights
    • Taking responsibility, mission vision values & purpose, strategic thinking, execution
    • How to develop your own personal plan for achieving rapid results in each part of your life
    • Develop strategies to meet the demands of your environment and dramatically increase your likelihood for
      greater success.
    • How to achieve your most important goals faster and easier than you can imagine
    • How to master your time and dramatically increase your productivity
    • How to communicate effectively so you get your message across clearly and persuasively in every situation
      (your ability to communicate effectively determines 85% of your success in life)
    • How to negotiate like a pro
    • How to get loans and credit at favorable terms. (Having access to credit, lines of credit, loans, and various other
      credit vehicles is a major advantage that the rich and powerful have over the average man)
    • Core fundamental skills to start, manage and turn-around any business
    • Ecommerce, web trends and digital marketing skills
    • Exclusive “first in” ground floor opportunities
    • Invitations to high net-worth networking events
    • Business incubation (provided your business meets our criteria)
    • And WAY too much to list over here


What People Are Saying About
Their Tribe Champion Experience

In short: Tribe Champion is where you’ll find the grass-roots community, movement,
excitement and loyalty that ultimately translates into success and prosperity in your life.

Join Tribe Champion Now!

To merely survive in today’s market place, you must be above average.

But if you want to be a TRUE ROCK STAR – Then you must do something more. 

You must…MAKE IT RAIN!

It’s time to break the old rules and replace it with the truth about your personal greatness and potential for success.

Trust me, no one succeeds alone.

Don’t be a sinking hero… there is no joy or value in it.

Let’s do this!

Dato' Jimmy Wong (D.I.M.S)

Dato' Jimmy Wong (D.I.M.S)


Internationally renowned, multi-talented entrepreneur, Dato’ Jimmy Wong has a span of successful businesses across Asia. He is fondly known as “The Region’s TOP FOREX Trader in Singapore and Asia” by Singapore’s The Business Times. In the trading world, he is a maestro and a strong believer of wealth creation through trading the Forex market with discipline and system trading.

He has created his millions through trading the Forex market with his unique trading skill set. His possession of an almost encyclopaedic depth and breath of Forex trading has made him extraordinarily successful in assisting young traders and traders-to-be when it comes to exploring the possibilities of wealth creation through Forex.

Jimmy’s unique trading skill set has created multiple consistent winning traders and set many renowned trader precedence. Currently he holds the unbeaten record of turning 50k to 150k (200% gains) in less than 12 trading days, and this was accomplished LIVE under the strict public scrutiny of hundreds of seminar attendees.

Under his visionary leadership, JF Lennon has rapidly grown from a small company to a local business coaching students across countries of Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Taiwan, China, Brunei, Philippines, Switzerland, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

“I stand firm on my belief that there is a difference between a Business Owner and an Entrepreneur because when you are a business owner, you are still working in the business; whilst when you are an entrepreneur, you are working above it. The reason why my businesses are successful is because I am passionate about them and I am involved in all my projects by overseeing them instead of working on them; my generals are well-trained and competent to go into the details and get them into final product,” declares Jimmy.

As as inspirational public figure, Jimmy has won many accolades:

  • The Singapore Brands Award
  • Singapore Outstanding Enterprise
  • Asia Pacific Brands Awards
  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award
  • Promising SME500
  • SME One Asia Awards

Jimmy is well-recognised in the media and has been commonly featured in the mass media:

  • The Straits Times
  • The Sunday Times
  • The Business Times
  • Lianhe Zao Bao
  • Shin Min Ri Bao
  • Channel News Asia
  • Invest Magazine
  • Property Guru
  • Entrepreneur’s Digest
  • The SME Magazine
  • The Black Magazine
  • Young Professional
  • Your Choice
  • YiWu Shang Bao
  • TVS Nan Fang Dian Shi Tai 南方电视台(China)
  • Xin Wen Zong He Pin Dao 新闻综合频道(China)
  • HTV7 (Vietnam)
  • VT10 (Vietnam)

Today, Jimmy is the Chairman and CEO of JF Lennon, Institute of Financial Science, he is also a multiple award-winning serial entrepreneur, private investor, movie producer, author of several books as well as venture capitalist who has studied, and solved virtually every type of conceivable business question, challenge and opportunity.

With his conferment of Darjah Indera Mangku Sultan Mahmud Baharudin III as DATO JIMMY WONG, he is determined to serve and inspire more people around the world with his expertise and experience.