Wanna become a smarter investor?


You don’t need to attend a seminar to become one.

Here’s a magic 3 word formula…

Don’t be dumb.”


It’s not a joke, because the god’s honest truth is, most of these “smart” investing seminars are designed with one objective in mind – to keep you dumber AND poorer

Here’s 3 good reasons why:

Reason #1:  You Got Suckered By The Word ‘FREE’

Maybe you got “suckered” in by thinking that you got a great deal because the entry to such an event is a supposed “$997 Value”, and you’re getting in for FREE because the extremely ‘noble and altruistic’ event organizer convinced his minions that they should waive the fee because they genuinely want to help people.

The reason why the event organizer wants you to be at the event, is because that recruiting you into the event is what they are supposed to do, and most importantly, they know that once they get you into the event, they’ll be able to easily extract your hard-earned money from your wallet and your bank account.

Everything else, is B.S.

Reason #2: The Speakers Are In Reality “Platform Salesmen”

Listen up close, because I’m about to reveal a deep dark secret about the seminar/speaking industry.

You see…

The way event organizers make money is that they have a financial agreement with the speakers that they bring in where they split the profits on the products/services that the speaker will sell at the end of his/her presentation.

The profit-split is usually a 50-50 split.

So here’s how it works:

Let’s just say “John” the speaker pitches his coaching program for $5000.  The event organizer will then process the payments, and cut “John $2500 for every coaching program sold at the event.

Does this make sense?

“John” is NOT a paid keynote speaker.

In fact, most of these “platform salesmen” pay for their own airfare, transport and lodging out of their own wallet, in exchange for an opportunity to pitch their wares at an event where there are hundreds of potential suckers who would pay any price to become smarter investors.

And make no mistake, these guys are trained professionals with sales presentations armed with all sorts of dramatic angles like some “rags to riches” nonsense designed to get you all emotional and excited so that you will buy their junk.

Here’s a classic example of a seminar pitch fest horror story


Reason #3: It Will Be A Pitch Fest!

It should be obvious by now that the seminar organizer profits from products/services sold during the event, so it is in THEIR interest to make sure you have lots of products and services to “invest” in.

The more you buy, the more they make.

FACT: It’s not uncommon for many seminar junkies to part with thousands of dollars in their bid to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

But they don’t want to be so “blatant” about it so they use a few subtle psychological strategies to disguise their intentions.

Bullshit Gambit #A: They will not “sell” before lunchtime.

This is to make you think you’re getting lots of “value”, so that you will happily return after lunch for the grand slaughter.

Bullshit Gambit #B: They give you “Free” money

To “keep” you in the room and fresh for butchering, there will be lots of lucky draws for useless gadgets, vouchers or holiday travel.

Bullshit Gambit #C: They will attach some charitable cause

This is to make you think that they don’t really need your money, and they’re all good guys.  

Nope. Trust me, they WANT your money, and they want all of it.

Now do you understand why you should NOT attend such events?

The intent behind such events is purely commercial, and often deceptive at times.

(Just search for seminar scams, and you’ll find a TON of horror stories)

Don’t be dumb.

Stay away, for your own good.
It’s just smarter that way.


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