I thought to myself….

“This is disgusting!”

And you might find yourself nodding in agreement with me after reading this blog post.

Here’s what transpired.

Recently, my business partner (who usually keeps a low profile) made a rather impassionate outburst on how a couple of guys who are self-proclaimed Ecommerce experts were advertising their workshop in a rather questionable fashion, and I am reproducing his full post below permission.

I mean, doesn’t this sort of thing make you feel sick in the stomach?

Now, I normally try to steer clear of stuff that doesn’t concern me outside of the finance industry, but I have no choice but to thrust this issue into the limelight because this kind of advertising clearly misleads, and HURTS people.

Furthermore, many members of a new tribe that I am building are interested in getting involved with Ecommerce, so it’s important that I protect them at all costs.

Personally, I don’t care if you’re truly a Ecommerce millionaire or not, cos I probably still make more than you, but advertising your preview workshop in this manner is an all time LOW.

Seminar newbie or not, one should still advertise responsibly and not resort to trying to “sucker” people into your workshop preview.

If you’re reading this, I say steer clear of ads like these, report them to Facebook, and encourage others to BOYCOTT their events.

I know this sounds harsh, but as I always believe…

“Prevention is better than cure”.

If you show sympathy towards these guys because they’re young and they know what they’re doing, I’ll tell you this…

  1. These guys look like kids, but they’re full grown adults – more than old enough to go to jail.
  2. Who’s gonna show ANY sympathy to their victims who fall for their insidious ploys?
  3. Who’s gonna bear responsibility for the ripple effect when people start following in their footsteps and advertise in similar fashion?

In fact, after a little digging, I’ve discovered that there’s actually an “Evil Puppet Master” behind these guys who has caused much harm to the public.

Guess what?

I know you’re reading this, and I want you to know that I’m coming for you.

My dear tribe members, if you’re with me, let’s lock arms and join forces in getting rid of such scum and vermin.

Pray, let me know your thoughts below, I want to know what you think.


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