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An Open Letter To Max Goon Poon


It’s time to get it on.

Either put up, or shut up.

I’ve issued Max Goon Poon an official challenge.

Venue: JF Lennon
Date: 6th of January 2017
Time: 7pm

Official Rules Of Engagement:

Trading Capital: $100k USD

Duration: 1 month

Platform: MyFXBook, as per Max’s request

Max can pick from any of my elite students, or if he so chooses, me.

All gains and profit generated will go to charity of the winner’s nomination.

The biggest condition for this challenge is this:

Max Poon MUST show up in person at JF Lennon on the 6th of January to personally undertake this challenge.

I will be inviting the media and exercising this challenge in a controlled and supervised environment to eradicate the possibility of foul play and protect the interests of both parties.

Students and members of the public are all welcome to attend.


The ball is now in your court Max.

I hope you’re man enough to show up at JF Lennon on the 6th of January, otherwise you might just wind up going down in history as the greatest fraudulent Forex trading eunuch ever.

P.S. Attached below is my PM transcript of the challenge which I’ve sent to Max.

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