Forex Trading: Safe Haven Currencies

Forex Trading: Safe Haven Currencies   Amidst a world with that is everchanging and constantly evolving, there are many risks and uncertainties in the world that can happen. When the bells of war toll, many will flock to stock up on every day essentials and purchase gold; a commodity that retains its value in times […]

Forex Trading: Forex Spread

Forex Trading: Forex Spread So you have started on Forex Trading. As you trade, you notice that the price level you are entering changes dependent on the type of trade you are entering. If you are entering a sell/short trade, the price to enter is lower from the market average. If you are entering a […]

Forex Trading: Trading Methods

Forex Trading: Types of Trading Methods When it comes to Forex Trading, different traders swear by different methods. Some have make significant profits relying on the news, while some prefer analysing the market and spotting repeating patterns; thereby capitalizing on these repeating patterns to profit from the forex market. What are some of these methods […]

Forex Trading: Forex versus Cryptocurrency

In recent years, cryptocurrency trading has taken the spotlight on mainstream social media, with many people profiting off of cryptocurrency. To a certain extent, cryptocurrency has disrupted traditional financial markets, as they are offering a decentralized alternative to fiat currencies. Many forex trading platforms have also incorporated it into their trading platforms; a sign of […]

Forex Trading: Learning Resources

In the wide landscape of the Internet, there are many sources of online information available with regards to forex. Some websites offer facts, while some offer opinions on the subject. It is important for us to identify what is in fact, information and not opinion. With a solid foundation based on hard facts, we are […]

Forex Trading: Policy Breakdown

No one can control the Forex Market. With a daily trading volume of an estimated $6 trillion US dollars, no single person can determine where the markets will move, and what time the markets will move. Nonetheless, as the forex market is trading the currencies of nations and countries, it is not surprising that the […]

Forex Trading: Psychological Bias

In the world of forex trading, cognitive biases can have a considerable impact on decision-making, resulting in both beneficial and disastrous consequences. This essay goes into the psychological factors that influence FX trading decisions. Recognizing and comprehending these biases allows traders to make more rational and informed decisions, increasing their total trading success. Cognitive biases […]

Forex Trading: Candlesticks Myths

Candlestick charts are a crucial tool in the fascinating world of forex trading, but there are some urban legends that may mislead traders. In this post, we will discuss and provide traders with a more accurate grasp of candlestick analysis by dispelling these fallacies, enabling them to make judgments that can improve their trading methods. […]

Forex Trading: Pitfalls of Overtrading

While Forex Trading offers the promise of financial success, it is essential to recognize some of the challengers traders face before starting your forex journey. One of these common challenges is overtrading. Overtrading can lead to significant setbacks in your trading journey. In this post we will explain in greater detail, what is overtrading, its […]

Forex Risk Management: Position Sizing

In the world of Forex Trading, “position sizing” is critical to success. It is the method used to calculate how much capital to risk on each trade, ensuring that each forex transaction is consistent with your risk tolerance and overall trading plan. This essay delves into the art of position sizing, emphasizing its critical role […]