Free Course! For a Cause!

To date, NO FOREX SCHOOL(S) or NO ONE dares to do this!JF Lennon is the 1st Forex School to be giving away Forex courses for FREE WHO DARES TO DO THIS, I DARE!For a donation of as little as S$300 or RM500,I am going to teach you one of my courses for FREE.COURSE4ACAUSE – “YOU […]

Meet and Greet

After the Tribe Champion CSR, namely Corporate Social Responsibility held in Singapore last year.My ardent fans, followers and beloved Malaysian students have been asking me to do something likewise for their community. One of which is the Course4ACause recently held that benefitted the ARC Children’s Centre.So I have decided to kick-off ‘Meet & Greet’ on […]


For the first time ever, never in my 12 years history of JF Lennon have we done this… This year, 2018 we are giving back to society in a unique way. What’s so unique? I am initiating COURSE4ACAUSE! You donate for a good CAUSE, We teach you a Forex COURSE! Yes, you heard me right! I […]