Public Notice

The following personnel are not authorised to represent nor are they linked, directly or indirectly to JF Lennon & Associates Pte Ltd. In any event, JF Lennon & Associates Pte Ltd is not responsible for any damages and/or liabilities linked to them.

Mr. Dennis Lee Wee Keong (as of 3rd January 2013)
Mr. Benjamin Song (as of 1st September 2009)
Mr. Laurence Howe Yong (as of 1st January 2010)

Mr. Roger Goh Kok Keong (as of 1st September 2009)
Abundance Global – Mr. Tea Hock Teck Vinn (as of April 2010)

Ms. Karen Goh Sok Ling (as of 7th November 2015)

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