JF Lennon & Associates Pte Ltd (JFL) does not endorse any third party (individual and organization) to conduct its courses or include any of its proprietary strategies in their course. JFL advises everyone to beware of any individual or school that offers to teach JFL’s strategies for just a fraction of JFL course fees. Such individuals and schools do not have the technical expertise to offer any support should any amendment to the strategy are needed to adapt to the ever-changing market condition. We appreciate any vigilance on your part to contact us if such activities are in existence.

JF Lennon is NOT an Introductory Broker (IB). It is NOT mandatory to use our recommended broker. We are PURE Forex School that provides Forex education and we are passionate about it. We do not make money from traders at their expenses through IB (whether you win or lose in a trade, IB takes your money).

JF Lennon does NOT support any “COPY TRADES” Services. We coach you to be an EXPERT “LIFESTYLE TRADER”.

JF Lennon does NOT support Automation/Expert Advice (EA). EA runs on robots and require strong internet connection at all times. Bear in mind computers can crash and be attacked by virus so let alone EAs, thus do not let your automation/EA RISK and RUIN your trades and money.


The following personnel are not authorised to represent nor are they linked, directly or indirectly to JF Lennon & Associates Pte Ltd. In any event, JF Lennon & Associates Pte Ltd is not responsible for any damages and/or liabilities linked to them.

Mr. Dennis Lee Wee Keong (as of 3rd January 2013)
Mr. Benjamin Song (as of 1st September 2009)
Mr. Laurence Howe Yong (as of 1st January 2010)

Mr. Roger Goh Kok Keong (as of 1st September 2009)
Abundance Global – Mr. Tea Hock Teck Vinn (as of April 2010)

Ms. Karen Goh Sok Ling (as of 7th November 2015)

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