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1st and only Forex Institute to attain ISO 9001:2008 Certification Financial Representative – Singapore Brands 2012/2013 2012 – Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award Winner 2012 – SME ONE Asia Awards Winner 2012 – APEA Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award Winner 2012 – Promising SME 500 Award Winner 2012/2013 Singapore Brands Local Award Winner 2012/2013 Singapore Brands Regional Award Winner 2012 Asia-Pacific Brands Award Winner Featured in all major media publications (Singapore Straits Times, Business Times, AsiaOne, Zaobao, PropertyGuru and more)

Mastermind Mastery


Our flagship and most popular Forex Mastery course, taken by thousands of students internationally – is a unique Forex Price-Action System Strategy that provides consistent, reliable and realistic gains.

Mastermind Mastery consists of easy-to-learn strategies, effective money management methods and sharing of traders’ mindset by the experienced JF Lennon trainers to take advantage and exploit the Dollar($) and Yen(¥) Currency Pair.

Students will also be guided step-by-step on how and when to enter, exit or to stay clear of the market.  The core value of Mastermind Mastery is its simplicity and high system efficiency and students will be mentored by JF Lennon’s CEO and Master Trainer, Dato Jimmy Wong in areas of effective trading habits and how to trade responsibly and consistently.

Course Structure
  • Forex 101 – Learn the basic and essential fundamentals of Forex, trading terms, what causes Forex market movement and volatility, and specific trading days to watch out for.
  • Order Type Management – Learn, understand and execute between the various buy and sell order types – and why they are so crucial to your trading performance and Candlestick Price-Action strategy
  • Emotional Management Mastery – Discover and implement the exact same ‘Traders’ mindset’ strategies that separate the market professionals (10%) and losing amateurs(90%). Learn crucial strategies how to absolutely command your emotional states to prevent bad habits and conquer revenge-trading.
  • Money and Risk Management 101 – Discover the differences between a profitable trader and one who faces the dreaded ‘Margin call’, and learn powerful contract-sizing strategies with absolute clarity on how to protect your trading capital from a series of losing trades.
  • Candlestick Signals –  Learn the exact powerful Candlestick signals that tell you exactly when to buy/sell and to take profit(TP) – right to the exact PIP/price point.
  • Stop Loss Management – Learn the exact price levels to place your Stop Loss orders for each strategy to allow your trades to play out stress-free.
Course Features
  • Trading strategies can be tested without risking any trading capital
  • Strategies easily understood and executed by all traders of all different backgrounds
  • Stand-alone system with no extra products or software to purchase
  • Online Student Support Group (Specific to your class)
  • Lifetime Support and Weekly Forex Market Updates

Magnet Mastery

The USD/JPY currency pair is currently the world’s most traded major pair and to take advantage of its high liquidity, JF Lennon presents the advance strategy that allows Forex traders to profit consistently from the volatility of this specific currency pair. Get a deep insight into the secrets behind the candlesticks with a course structured around the knowledge and candlestick expertise of JF Lennon’s CEO, Dato Jimmy Wong – that has made the course, both unique and a class above the rest. Magnet Mastery is personally taught by master Forex Trader and CEO of JF Lennon, Dato Jimmy Wong.

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10 great reasons why you should choose JF Lennon

Reason 1:  We are not a brokerage company.

We are a Forex Institute (a.k.a. School). We are not a brokerage company, nor are we affiliated/associated/partnered with one. You can choose and pick your own brokerage company, or stick with the one you currently have at the moment – it’s your choice. We do not force you to sign up with any specific brokerage company – and we do not make commissions off each trade you do – unlike many other ‘schools’ out there. We do however, teach you how to review, pick and choose the right kind of brokerage company that will make the difference to your trading account. Our primary purpose is to teach, educate and support our students to nurture them into great Forex Traders!

Reason 2: We are absolutely passionate about Forex.

We live to trade, and love to teach. JF Lennon stands for ‘Join-Forex Learning’ (Lennon – is ‘Learning’ in Greek). Our Chairman & CEO of JF Lennon and Chief Trainer – Dato’ Jimmy Wong has been trading successfully for over a decade and his turning point (aha! moment) to start a Forex Institute came when he saw one of his best friends getting his trading account facing the dreaded ‘margin call’ based on a poor trade call of a ‘reputable’ Forex company. He jumped into starting an Institute to fulfill his life mission and passion of coaching to educating members of the public into the proper ways of trading, risk management, emotional control and learning to survive in the Forex markets. To date – Jimmy has personally mentored over 40,000 students both locally and internationally on how to become profitable traders starting even with no prior knowledge. Jimmy is..

  • a master at reading Forex Candlesticks and Price-Action
  • personally making over 5 figure profits per day just on Forex trading (trading via his personal account – and not via the Institute)
  • a stickler for proven results. For a particular trading challenge, he traded with USD2,800 to over USD100,000 in 6 months as a challenge to his students – Notarized (certified) his trading results with an established Singaporean Law Firm and proceeded to donate the proceeds to charity
  • the first local and Chinese speaker of the National Achievers’ Congress 2012
  • he traded LIVE in front of thousands with proven and recorded results
  • a true trader at heart – and has shared hundreds of profitable trade opinions to his students
  • a really fun guy to be around!

His achievements includes accolades, awards and media mentions such as:

  • Region’s Top Trader“- By Singapore Business Times (2010)
  • Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award Winner 2012
  • SME 500 Award Winner 2012
  • SME ONE ASIA Awards 2012
  • Most Promising Entrepreneur Award Winner by APEA (Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards) 2012
  • Singapore Brands Award Winner (Local and Regional Awards) 2012/2013
  • Asia Pacific Brands Awards
  • Committee Representative for Financial Sector – Singapore Brands 2012/2013

And has been featured in all major publications and media in..

  • Singapore Business Times
  • Singapore Straits Times
  • Channel News Asia
  • Lianhe Zaobao
  • AsiaOne
  • Invest Magazine
  • Black Magazine
  • Young Professionals
  • PropertyGuru
  • 9tro Magazine
  • Entrepreneurs’ Digest
  • Yiwu Shangbao (Shanghai, China)

Some of Jimmy’s students  have been also featured in Business Times, and have been featured as savvy traders and investors (with credit to JF Lennon).


JF Lennon has been established since 2008. We are the first and only Forex Institute in the world to be ISO 9001:2008 Certified by the UKAS – meaning our Institute has extremely high and stringent standards for providing proper education and support for all new students. At any moment in time, we have over 900+ students enrolled in our Forex courses. So you can be assured that we are here to stay, to offer Forex courses all the way from beginner to advanced levels and to support our student network. In Singapore, there is only 1 (one) established Forex Institute – and we’re proud and confident to say that’s us. Over the decade – we’ve produced many successful traders who’ve gone on to focus on Forex as a full time endeavor. Part of our achievement includes 2 students who started with less than $10,000 – and who have since become millionaires just by trading Forex. When you join JF Lennon, you will also get to share your interest and passion for Forex with the rest of our family (students at our institute, the teachers and staff).


We continuously track and test our Forex strategies on a weekly basis and provide regular updates on the Forex market to our students to ensure continuous profitability and reliability. The Forex market is always evolving and our strategies are monitored closely by our dedicated team of in-house researchers and data analysts. The hard truth is that Forex strategies DO and WILL change from time to time and we’ve been always the first to provide crucial updates to our students whenever there is a change in the market or in one of our proprietary strategies. We have since provided a number of major strategy updates to all of our students for free since 2008 and are prepared to do so for the future when the external trading environment changes again.


You will experience losses while trading. You will experience the lows when you have a trade go against you – despite what news, trends or trading signals you trade with. That’s just part of the game when you trade Forex. There’s no strategy, course or ‘industry secrets’ that will guarantee you a 100% win rate. Not even 80%! (if you do know of a 100% method – let us know.) To help you along – think of Forex as a business. Our trading profits are our gross revenue – our losses are our business expenses. Our net profit equates to our gross revenue minus our business expenses. And just like any business, service or industry – you aim to be profitable at the end of the day. What we do is to teach and guide you to having the highest probability trades that continuously keep you afloat, profitable through strict emotional and money management rules. Our methodologies and strategies are designed to allow you to be ahead of 80% of traders who lose – and to be part of the winning 10% of traders who stay ahead of the game.


Our Forex courses and programmes are structured to have..

  • No requirements for financial or trading backgrounds (i.e. You don’t need a degree in Finance to learn Forex trading)
  • No minimum age requirement to learn (our youngest student is 13 years old, and our eldest is 88)
  • No requirement for complex and confusing technical indicators
  • No knowledge required on reading financial reports, balance sheets (like Equities/Stocks/Private Companies)
  • No waiting for ‘news’ or ‘rumors’ to affect or ‘move’ the market.
  • No requirement to look at the charts all the time – takes only mere minutes a day
  • No ‘day-trading‘ or ‘scalping‘ required – i.e. entering and exiting a position within seconds
  • No vague estimations or guesswork involved
  • No need to wait or stare at the chart after you’ve placed a trade
  • No waiting weeks for a trade to close – our signals and trades complete typically within hours – some within minutes
  • No need to manually close trades when it has reached the profit level – our trading platform of choice does that automatically – even while you’re asleep
  • No involving huge amount of capital to invest with (start as low as 500USD and each trade taken is only a maximum of 3-5% risk of your existing trading capital)
  • clear-as-day trade signal and set-up to confidently trade, or to just stay away from the market.
  • Only ONE chart to look at – nothing more


We love a clean, simple to read chart to work with. Based on our research, we’ve found that having less is more. Multiple technical indicators – (broadly categorized into leading(oscillators) and lagging(momentum) technical indicators) often tend to confuse and at most times, give conflicting buy/sell signals to the trader.

What other ‘Forex Schools’ teach you messy-chart This is what we call – “Indicator hell”.

What we teach you Simple and clean.

Plus – it’s also much easier to glance quickly at a clean chart to see whether there’s an opportunity or not to trade, or to just stay away. Many amateur traders tend to think that indicators are necessary because it makes them feel and look ‘professional’. We prefer that you be ‘profitable’ instead.


Forex has been largely been misunderstood as a complex activity, made worse and confusing by hundreds of companies touting themselves as reputable ‘advisers’ giving poor advice and misinformed ‘trade calls’ to the misinformed trader – all for the purpose of profiting from spreads (trading commissions) from the trader makes at their brokerage company. It’s little wonder we have seen so many promising Forex traders get burnt and giving up – time and again by bad practices, poor advice and lack of the right education curriculum. We’ve distilled complex terminologies and trading lingo into bite-sized, easy to digest terms for you to get profitable fast and WITHOUT the hype. Our proprietary, tested signals and strategies have been proven to give our students profitable trades time and time again – without the use of confusing technical indicators. Our emotional and money management rules are strictly structured to allow you to SURVIVE and THRIVE each time a trade goes south (there is no such thing as a 100% profitable trading strategy). If you’ve previously found Forex trading hard and you’re struggling to just break-even, it’s about time you said goodbye to wild guesswork and speculation with our proven set of reliable strategies and to trade profitably and stress-free.


Many of our students are full time stay-at-home mums, office executives, doctors, lawyers, students, entrepreneurs and retirees. Most of our them trade ‘part time’ to generate additional income and to flexibly build their wealth according to their own time and preference. While some trade while they’re away on a holiday, many trade while they’re on the move (via their mobiles and tablets) and others just trade during certain times of the year. The Forex market is open 24 hours (Mon-Fri EST) so there’s always time to put in a trade whenever you want to(when there’s an appropriate signal) – even if you work an irregular shift or have to take care of two toddlers at home.


We’ve come so far in the past decade because of our students’ successes and recommendations.
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