Dato Jimmy Wong – The Last Super Mega Appearance in 2018!

“When you are really good, you will not need to advertise nor seek audience but will be higher sought after”
– Dato Jimmy Wong

This was the last super mega appearance by Dato’ Jimmy in China 郑州 before it hits 2019 and it’s got to be a WRAP !!

Once again Dato’ Jimmy had a full house of 1500 strong crowd and the energy was totally breath taking and beyond words !!

Dato had a super grand entrance and the warmth of these individuals superceded the -3 degree celsius temperature. I am so blessed!!

The impeccable endeavour for Dato globally especially China will be ever hitting the highest notch for year 2019, and definitely had a extremely fruitful 2018 and have led this year wholesomely.

“I will like to thank my family, all my partners globally, buddies, friends, students and fans for all the support and love rendered!!
– Dato’ Jimmy Wong

I am absolutely blessed to the core !!

God bless you people and thank you!!”
– Dato Jimmy Wong


Another historical moment that Dato’ Jimmy Wong have achieved in 2018!

We are in high spirits and proud to announce that Dato Jimmy Wong is the first Asia Forex Institute in HISTORY to be in partnership with one of London’s elite Financial Investment companies!

This engagement also further authenticated the profound precision skills that he acquired and the flawless stature of the world’s leading, most premiere Forex institute ! Totally PROVEN !!

He has once again set another benchmark in terms of Forex trading standard.

Dato is very grateful with the recognition and this partnership will only grow to the next notch as “literally” I have covered most part of the world with EVIDENCE of actions !

WITH COMMITMENT and team work I STRONGLY BELIEVE in unprecedented results and returns !!
– Dato Jimmy Wong

Dato will be spearheading for a series of IPO projects meant for the coming 2019, do stay tuned, as to me ; THIS IS INDEED HISTORICAL AND UNEXPECTED !!


A big shout out to all supporters, thank you for always believing.


Have a wonderful week !



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