Young Professionals Convention 2009

Young Professionals Convention 2009
Singapore Management University, Administration Building

17th October 2009
By Tan Pei Qi
Photos by: Ang Tian Teck & AG

JF Lennon had the honor of being invited to YP Convention 2009, held at Singapore Management University, as one of the major participants. The convention’s objectives were to inspire young professionals to stay upbeat and positive about professional working life.

The event focused on equipping youths and young graduates on work life and having speakers share their experience on how they made their mark in their professional career development. The convention not only attracted young professionals, but also graduating students who are there to learn more about career paths and how to achieve success.

JF Lennon’s Director Mr. Jimmy Wong was one of the invited panelists for the YP Conference. Mr. Wong was featured in the inaugural issue of YP Magazine as the FOREX trading talent who has amassed invaluable experience since the start of his professional working life.

Mr. Wong was introduced as one of the young and successful professionals in Singapore with a string of businesses and success. He shared with the audience his first tumultuous years of starting up businesses and encountering setbacks. Mr. Wong’s subsequent entry into FOREX trading in 2007 and accomplishments came as a surprise to many in the audience.

Other invited speakers also shared their experiences on their field of expertise e.g. managing lifestyle and work, conquering Mount Everest and financial management. Mr. Wong joked that compared to other speakers in the sporting industry, his field of expertise would be moving his fingers for mouse-clicks and trading FOREX.

Besides attending the conference, JF Lennon also had a booth to introduce FOREX careers and education to the young professionals present. Many were drawn to the uniqueness in wealth creation in FOREX trading and approached our staff for more information. The business development team at JF Lennon had an enriching time, sharing about FOREX education with the young professionals.

The conference has been an eye opener for audiences and staff at JF Lennon. JF Lennon sends thanks to YP Magazine for the invite and hopes to share more on the perks of FOREX trading with the young professionals in the near future.

JF Lennon is proud to be one of the sponsors of the YP Convention. Other sponsors include Singapore Management University, Philip Capital (Philip Securities), Supply Chain Asia, SCA Academy, K2 Inline Skate, X-mini and more.

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