Dear Alumni,

JF Lennon has officially obtained our ISO 9001:2008 certification from the UKAS Management Systems this November 2010! This is a new milestone for JF Lennon and we hope all students will join us in celebrating this joyous occasion.

We are officially the first FOREX institute in the WORLD (World Class) to achieve this high honour! Achieving this status was no mean feat, elevating JF Lennon to a new height allowing us to coach you even better than ever!

It was a tedious process applying for this special certification but this certification will be a proof of JF Lennon’s commitment to providing quality Forex education to all our students!

As 2010 draws to a close, JF Lennon is looking forward to having an even greater trading year with all the students in 2011! This achievement is also a promise from all of us at JF Lennon to better serve and coach you till you achieve your financial freedom with us!

To our current alumni, congratulations for being part of our journey towards a higher quality Forex education!
To interested Forex traders out there, what are you waiting for? Start the Lifestyle Trading with JF Lennon now!

It took more than 6 months of preparation for JFL to achieve this ISO certification!
If we can make it happen, I believe all of you can do the same in Forex trading too!

For more information on the ISO procedure, visit this site now!

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