Warning – Scams Alert!

When you have great products,
others will try and copy you. I’m flattered

It’s been said imitation is the highest form of flattery,
but stealing one’s identity is totally different,
and to make the matter worse, imitate to SCAM!


Please be aware that there are a number of
FAKE FB accounts impersonating me.

It was obvious that the FB message was a mass message sent out by a syndicate/scammer out to cheat people’s money!

These scammers will say they will teach you something, but eventually they’ll ask you to send MONEY to them

1) I DO NOT assign any Brokers or 3rd party(ies) to contact my students or the public.
2) I DO NOT approach my students or public through FB PM (private message) or DM (direct message).
3) I will NOT have my students or public call a ‘Trusted Broker’ as this leads to possible areas of discrepancies and miscommunication.

Always check the correct spelling of
🌐 www.JFLennon.com
🖱 https://www.facebook.com/JimmyFX/

I advise everyone to take the following precaution:
– perform a check to verify
– do not provide your personal details, contact details, bank account or credit card details. Such information are useful to criminals.
– do not transfer money in any form or method
– do not click on any links or website provided by the criminals
– Please report any scam/phishing sites & accounts

DATO Jimmy Wong
Official FB Page: www.facebook.com/JIMMYFX

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