Trading Boot Camp 12

JF Lennon Trading Bootcamp 12
26th November – 28th November at Batam, Indonesia

In light of the overwhelming positive responses from our students, JF Lennon and held Boot Camp 12 in Batam, Indonesia. The participants were clearly anxious and eager to learn the new and powerful trading strategies that Chairman and CEO, Dato’ Jimmy Wong has to offer.

The party set off early on 26th November 2015 from Singapore Cruise Centre to visit Harmoni One Hotel in Batam, Indonesia where the three-day boot camp would be held. For the next few days, participants will undergo intensive training to learn incredible trading strategies and wealth management skills that will bring their trading capacity to a whole new level.

Day 01 began with Dato’ Wong imparting two of his superb techniques to the Boot Campers. The participants were truly in awe at how incredible and practical these strategies were. With adequate breaks catered between sessions, the students were kept refreshed and ready to tackle any challenges. The boot campers conducted their backtesting based on the strategies learnt, and this continued to the wee hours of the night before Dato’ Wong gave his comment that the running JWT trade will hit its TP point before day 02 noon.

The next day started off fantastically. Just as Dato’ Wong had foreseen, the trade had realized its TP point just before noon. The class roared in excitement with thunderous claps applauding the FOREX Master’s impeccable insight and accuracy. This bolstered the students’ enthusiasm to learn the top FOREX trader in the region. The day continued with the participants learning more insightful techniques and useful strategies. Before the day ended, Dato’ Wong spotted a setup and immediately shared his invaluable trade opinion. Students enthusiastically entered the trade and thereafter went back to learning the strategies and the importance of back-testing. When the market opened on Monday, the trade that the boot campers had entered together had realised its TP point.

Another highlight of the Boot Camp is the Pool Games, and this time the winners were as follow:

USD Pool Game Winner: Terance Yeow

PIP Pool Game Winner: Chan Zi Jian

JF Lennon team will like to congratulate on all winners, as well as thank all the Boot Campers for their support and belief in JF Lennon.

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