Trading Boot Camp 11

JF Lennon Trading Boot Camp 11
21st May– 23rd May 2015 at Batam, Indonesia

The last Boot Camp of the year was successfully held from 21 – 23 May 2015 at Batam, Indonesia.  Participants eagerly awaited the opportunity to learn from FOREX Master Jimmy Wong, Chairman and CEO of JF Lennon.

It is common knowledge that Boot Camp is a rare opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insight and in-depth knowledge of FOREX trading in a relaxed and fun-filled environment but more importantly doing so as ONE BIG FAMILY!  This Boot Camp was certainly no different.

Day 1 started off with Jimmy sharing two of his powerful strategies with the Boot Campers.  In the midst of learning, the FOREX Master spotted as setup and immediately shared his invaluable trade opinion.  Students enthusiastically entered the trade and thereafter went back to learning the strategies and understanding the nuances via back testing.  This went on through to the wee hours on the morning and before class was done, Jimmy made a prediction that the trade they had all entered earlier would hit the stipulated TP point before noon the following day – this was of course followed by smiles all round from the tired but very motivated Boot Campers.

The following day started with more learning and insight but as noon drew near and just as Jimmy foresees, the trade hit the TP point upon which the room exploded with applause.  The elation and raw amazement at the accuracy of the FOREX master’s ability to read the market could be felt throughout the seminar room.  This only served to reinforce what the Boot Campers already knew – that what they were learning was indeed practical, powerful and consistent.

Boot Camp continued into the day with more learning and practical application of their newly found knowledge in back test sessions with Jimmy.  Amongst all of this was yet another trade opinion shared by Jimmy and then it was time to break for dinner.  Post dinner there was the final strategy session followed by more back testing with Jimmy but applying all that was learned culminating to a very high level of accuracy and number of winning trades.

Another highlight of the Boot Camp is the Pool Games, and this time the winners were as follows:

USD Pool Game Winner: Pang Ying Jie

PIP Pool Game Winner: Seet Wing Gang

JF Lennon would like to congratulate all winners, as well as thank all the Boot Campers for their support and belief in JF Lennon.

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