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Leaving a Legacy
INVEST Magazine
June-July 2010 Issue

“I want to create a million millionaires, who will in turn help a million lives.”

“There’s just so much a person can do. One light can only brighten a small area. Our role is to pass on more lights to brighten a whole area.”

That was the ultimate goal of Jimmy Wong, Director/owner of JF Lennon Institute of Financial Science. He hopes to leave a legacy for his family and especially his children through Forex. Armed with a skill set that had given him life’s luxury, it has never crossed his mind that he will helm a Forex institute one day. But when the opportunity came along, Jimmy took it up and has never looked back.

“Starting up a Forex school is easy but maintaining it takes a lot of effort and I have my fair share of setbacks and problems,” he says. Jimmy was referring to the period of time where he had cooperated with ill-intentioned partners that had used his name and JF Lennon’s reputation to sell unorthodox courses.

“I have witnessed many became victims of the Forex market due to unproven and unorthodox teachings by profit-driven institutes and it dawn on me that I have to help as many people as possible to get their faith back in the market,” Jimmy added.

“It’s not entirely about how well you can do in the Forex market but how long you can survive in it,” Jimmy always emphasize this during all of his classes held locally and abroad. The volatility of the Forex market often scares off potential traders.

Jimmy stood by his principles of selling responsibly, teaching responsibly and follow up with the students responsibly. The driving force behind his entire hard work stems from the trust and support given by the staff and students of JF Lennon. He hopes that everyone will walk through the doors of JF Lennon as survivors of the Forex market. The students are his motivation to keep improving the institute’s standard.

“Forex was in me. I am blessed with the opportunity to trade and I want to spread the joy of forex that could fetch them the abundance,” Jimmy said.

In today’s society, education is the best way out of poverty. Forex learning will equip one with the ability to survive in the worst economy because traders are able to leverage from both Bull and Bear markets.

The foreign exchange education industry has become very lucrative recently and many irresponsible schools have mushroomed. Jimmy strongly stressed to the public to be aware of unethical service provider with the ‘Hit and Run’ approach.

Jimmy was never shy in displaying his unique skill set to his students. Many had witnessed his trading performance tagged ‘The Magical Touch’ and were impressed. He believes that as the Director/owner of JF Lennon, he has to show his capabilities at trading to assure the students of the institute’s high standard. The institute takes pride in providing responsible education to guide JF Lennon students to achieve their abundance through Forex trading.

When asked of his next plan for JF Lennon, Jimmy Wong proudly declares his goal to penetrate more countries to spread the joy of learning Forex.

Locally, Jimmy Wong is orchestrating a mission to help the needy especially the sick children and the old. JF Lennon will be planning several charity events to raise funds and donations.

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