Dynamic collaboration between 2 GIANT companies

This is the beginning of a majestic 2020 for me with a historical perfect grand event executed in Korea Seoul !!

This event Marked the presence of a dynamic collaboration between 2 GIANT companies ( JF Lennon and Jadeson Capital Investments London ) in the financial sector here in Korea!!

We have a FULL HOUSE turned up with top CEOs of many companies in the region, VIPs and clients to witness this official launch in the asia pacific region right here in Korea Seoul and the energy was simply amazing !!

Very cold weather but I felt the ultimate warmth from the crowd who turned up for this ever grand event and I am grateful.

A big thank you to my partner Jadeson Capital Investments ( London) and gamsahabnida Korea!

Many more countries for me to conquer and I will rock 2020 !!

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