JF Lennon Expands Globally

JF Lennon is EXPANDING GLOBALLY… creating a storm in CHINA!!!

Only two weeks into year of 2012, JF Lennon’s expansion program is already on to a roaring start! JF Lennon set up shop and held its first showcase at one of the grand hotel ballroom in the heart of the city.

Coming from all over the country, enthusiastic participants of more than 200 people made up the congregation and were there eagerly anticipating and waiting to hear from the legendary trader from the Lion City.

With a grand entrance, CEO and Co-Founder of JF Lennon, Jimmy Wong made his way through the crowd, escorted by security guards, and is welcomed by a thunderous round of applause.

As the showcase went underway, questions after questions popped up from the audience and Jimmy Wong satisfies each of their curiosity by answering all of them which left the audience amazed. Even after the session came to a close, many of the participants stayed back to get their booklets autographed by the master himself.

When asked after the showcase, one participant expressed that she has a better understanding of how FOREX works and how it can be a good tool to grow her financial nest egg.

We will conducting our JWT Mastery at China…… Stay tuned and be prepared for more updates from China!

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