JF Lennon presents Tribe Champion: Are You Hungry for Success?

The most anticipated event of the year [Hungry for Success] was successfully held on 13th July 2017 at Hilton Singapore Orchard Road. [Hungry for Success] is more than just a normal event; it is a come-together of like-minded individuals from all walk of lives, who want a break-through, be successful and/or make a difference with their businesses and/or lives. This event was well-attended by more than 150 individuals who are ready to embark on a new chapter in their lives. Regardless of race, religion, age and status, this event brings people together to learn; to share and to excel one’s potential and talents.

[Hungry for Success] is a project initiated by JF Lennon as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We are reaching out to man-on-the-street and business owners as we realized many people paid thousands and thousands of their hard-earned money on self-development, motivational, e-commerce, investment, get-rich-quick programmes and courses that did not aid or benefit them at all. Many of the course providers are not genuinely coaching or guiding them but rather after their money. They usually make use of big names like Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki and other famous names’ money-making and successful business traits into their own courses to be sold to the public.  In addition, with the current economy downturn, many SMEs are barely surviving or rather not surviving that force them to shut down. It is not that their products or services are not good, it is the lack of mentorship and guidance that cause the downfall.[Hungry for Success] helmed by Chairman and CEO of JF Lennon, Dato Jimmy Wong is to focus on building a strong platform and environment for individuals to learn from industry/trade gurus, masters, mentors, entrepreneurs who have their fair share of ups and downs in their businesses and lives for FREE. Yes, you hear it right; this event is absolutely FREE for all “hungry individuals” to learn and benefit from the top-notch Gurus and Entrepreneurs. The best alternative to solve the problems of many business-owners and individuals is not to give them business(es) but to build strong character and vision by mentoring them.


In JF Lennon, we always believe in contributing back to the society in our own unique way. we want to mentor them into successful individuals and/or businesses. We hope that through this project, we can pull those in dire straits to find new directions and hope in their lives or business(es). Those who succeed with this project will in turn help more people through the same way.

The event started off with a BANG! With Dato Jimmy arriving in his brightly yellow Lamborghini at Hilton Singapore, the crowd cheered on upon his arrival into the function room. Welcoming the crowd was Dato Jimmy’s wise words, “Winners Do Not Do Different Things, WE Do Things Differently” which partly moulded Dato Jimmy’s journey as an Entrepreneur. Dato Jimmy’s journey of Entrepreneur was not a walk in the park, he was faced with many challenging obstacles along the way but owing to his strong and determined nature and having learnt from his past mistakes, he often regards his problems and obstacles as opportunities to learn and further improve himself.

Dato Jimmy also stands firm on his belief that there is a difference between a Business Owner and an Entrepreneur because “when you are a business owner, you are still working in the business; whilst when you are an entrepreneur, you are working above it.” It is a crucial distinction for someone like Jimmy who has his fingers in many pies.

Moving into the night, we proudly launched our community [TRIBE CHAMPION] to the highly-enthusiastic crowd. [TRIBE CHAMPION] is to build a strong community to learn, to share and to excel. The Panel is formed in the Tribe Champion to mentor and guide members in the Tribe Champion to excel their potential and talents. In this Panel, we have renowned Entrepreneurs and Gurus from different industries to reveal and share their experiences and key success.

To end off the night, Jimmy advised the crowd that perseverance and passion are the driving forces to success and faces challenges with a personal belief that “in life it is not how hard a punch you can give, but how hard a punch you can take and keep moving forward.” Integrity, pride and honour are the three core values that Jimmy functions on in all his businesses.

[TRIBE CHAMPION] BY JF LENNON is an exclusive community to build, nurture and mentor members who are hungry for success… ABSOLUTELY FREE! This is an invited event and we only accept genuine members who want to EXCEL!

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