Setting the standard to the highest notch

I am extremely blessed and totally blown away with the warmth and hospitality from the strong 2300 full house once again on my return to China (Da Lian)!

Recognition will only prevail when the general crowd is wholesomely benefitting in abundance. I am delighted to have achieved just that, especially with those cheers, grateful hugs and compliments from the crowd who has benefited from my ever effort….. All the fatigue, tiredness, pressure from the process is definitely WORTH IT!

Setting the standard to the highest notch is the formula to success and when all is impeccable that’s where the title as champ will be bestowed.

Never ever crown thyself with whichever title but be crowned by those that you served and that’s why champ will always be sought after and will not seek audience from the public in whichever media commonly known as “advertisement”.

I sincerely thank those that have supported, encouraged and believed in me consistently as that’s the reason why I have to succeed.

Next few destinations : London Chelsea, Taiwan and Dubai!!

Thank you!

P. S these are the raw pics and videos taken, I will be posting the proper professional versions once it’s ready. 

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