My Biggest event of 2018

My Biggest event of 2018 and I am ever grateful to wrap this finale with style in China 大连 as the Main VIP / keynote speaker!

The turn up was fantastic with a 1200 pax FULL HOUSE!! Rock on baby!

Recognition of JF Lennon has reached another notch in the most powerful country on planet earth known as CHINA!

A very successful event and I am so thankful to all the warmth given during this cold season, and I really mean COLD IN TEMPERATURE!

Tribute to all my partners in the consortium, clients, supporters, students and many more! The energy rendered was absolutely amazing!! Thank you 谢谢!!

P.s : I have received overwhelming emails pertaining to my International Enterprise experience and requesting me to share. I will be organising and sponsoring an event to share my most intrigued experience.

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