For the first time ever, never in my 12 years history of JF Lennon have we done this… This year, 2018 we are giving back to the society in a unique way. What’s so unique? I am initiating COURSE4ACAUSE! You donate for a good CAUSE, We teach you a Forex COURSE! Yes you heard me right! I will teach you my FOREX course, that comes with JFL’s proprietary strategy when you donate to the appointed charity, Arc Children’s Centre! Your donation is merely a small fraction of my Forex course which I casually put it as a “token of appreciation”. I am donating my Forex course that is worth a few thousand dollars in the name of charity. How good does that sound… COURSE4ACAUSE is a charity initiated by JF Lennon to give hope to children with cancer. Join me in providing what we can for these kids in need, a need of an environment that will allow them to lead as close to a normal life other kids are enjoying. Your donation will make a positive impact and change for children with cancer. At the same time, you will learn the knowledge and skill of FOREX Trading! With this, donate now and see you on the 19th May!

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