Can You Handle The Truth?

For the very first time, JF Lennon posted an advertorial on SUNDAY TIMES, Invest section inviting the public to attend a free seminar entitled “Can You Handle The Truth”!
The seminar, exposé-style, saw Jimmy listing down points to a crowd of 200 strong on how other Forex schools entice and trap the unsuspecting public to sign up for their courses – usually with false claims. One of the main motivation Jimmy conducted this seminar is that he has had too many people complaining to him about how other schools have caused their lives to be miserable and he felt that the public ought to be EDUCATED on how to identify good school.
JF Lennon alumni attended and showed their support for the event, with some agreeing to show their LIVE trading results as proof that JF Lennon students do profit from the market with the correct trading skills. To show the public that is the bona fide real deal, Jimmy Wong also showed some of his amazing trading results which wowed the audience and received numerous cheers.
If you have missed the session, here is a recap of the main points:

1. Some institutes promise of fast gains within a short period of time

2. Some offer MULTIPLE investment courses, but they discredit each of them to influence your choice.

3. Some institutes are acting as a FRONT for Forex Brokers, charging LOW school fees but just wanting to earn from the commissions
from the spread! Introducing Broker ( I.B.)!

4. Chief trainers have NO credible results to show; some showed past results which is 3-5 years ago; some write their results on

5. School owners are NON-MILLIONAIRES trying to make you a millionaire.

6. Some claim that they are exclusive and not open to public, but only does enrollment via referral. On contracy, they approach the
public via social media

7. Some apply reverse psychology to lure signups by saying that if you are making 30-40% they will advice you not to join them.

8. Some lure you with fund-management. They claim that they have $4-$5 million of funds waiting to be traded and are looking for an ‘exclusive group of less 20 traders’ to fund-managed the millions. The QUESTION IS…..WHICH INVESTOR will fund an investment with newbie traders handling their millions!!!

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