Business Times, Monday 26 April 2010 (Page 15)

THAT is the belief of Mr. Jimmy Wong, Director of JF Lennon Institute of Financial Science. The talented entrepreneur, and also one of the region’s top traders, has spent years inspiring students of JF Lennon to achieve financial abundance and freedom through Forex trading.

JF Lennon was founded under the initiatives of like-minded Forex enthusiasts who believe in spreading the joy of Forex trading to others. Under the lead of Mr. Jimmy Wong, strong emphasis is placed on the research and development of financial trading methodologies and technologies. This would ensure that all students will acquire strategies that will give them a higher winning ratio. The R&D team of JF Lennon comprises not only strategic engineers, but also experienced traders. This way all methodologies derived are a balance of academic research by engineers and also strategy testing by traders.

“The institute’s priority is to educate interested parties and turn them into successful Forex traders through our simple and efficient trading systems,” says Mr. Jimmy Wong.

JF Lennon has successfully moved into the Asia-Pacific region and made an impression on more than 1000 students in 2009 alone. Students, ranging from age 15 to 88, are taught by the professional trainers at JF Lennon of the simplicity of generating a passive income through Forex trading. The institute keeps track of the progress of the students through interaction at review classes and gatherings. Their progress has been documented and it is proven that a good five to ten percent of JF Lennon alumni have gone on to become full time traders while 50 percent had taken the step to trade part time. These statistics motivate JF Lennon to work harder at bringing this recession-proof skill to more people.

“I always advise the students to take trading like a leisure activity and not take any risks,” Mr. Jimmy Wong says. Despite leading as the director of a Forex institute, Mr. Jimmy Wong strongly emphasizes that trading is a lifestyle. Never belittle this statement as it comes from a trading guru who holds a record of trading USD $44, 000 to USD $1.14 million in less than three weeks. Mr. Jimmy Wong believes in never investing too much time and effort in trading as it will drain a trader mentally. Trader’s psychology is part of JF Lennon’s 6-step trading preparation process.

Mr. Jimmy Wong was dubbed the Legendary Trader after videos of him demonstrating blindfolded trading in classes surfaced on YouTube. His thrilling performance had wowed viewers from all over the world and enquiries came in from as far as Europe. As the Chinese saying goes, ‘pure fire does not fear the furnace’, and Mr. Jimmy Wong is never afraid to be put to the test by detractors. Thus, the live demonstration of his unique skill set during JF Lennon’s classes. Mr. Jimmy Wong is confident that with a well researched and developed set of trading skills, anyone can survive this on-going recession. Attaining financial knowledge is a skill set that one can keep for life.

What sets JF Lennon apart from the rest of the institute is that JF Lennon teaches responsibly. Many financial education institutes out there often offer a ‘money back guarantee’ or ‘free trading money’ to lure potential students. JF Lennon does not make any over-the-top promises to the students as the Forex market is evolving daily but it does promise a lifetime update of the institute’s strategies via emails and alumni gatherings. Such updates are a combination of efforts from both engineers and traders. At JF Lennon, students’ path to Forex begins only after a two and a half day course with a comprehensive support program for students to internalize their strategies and exchange pointers with fellow team mates, at no cost. JF Lennon is the only institute that requires students to take two tests; which will ensure that students have internalized their trading methodology and habits before trading live.

A recession is never an excuse for people to slow down or give up on building wealth. Forex trading has proven to be one of the rising financial instruments in recent years to generate a passive income. Stories abound about how the wealthy made their first pot of gold, but seldom mention how they further grow their wealth. Now, news reports have uncovered the secrets of the rich and Forex investment is one of the reasons.

“The amazing thing about Forex is that as a trader you will make money in both the ups and downs of the economic cycle,” says Mr. Jimmy Wong. “In times of recession, Forex is an opportunity for all.”

Although JF Lennon has an impressive alumni base across the region, Mr. Jimmy Wong is positive the institute can expand into more markets under the current economy. JF Lennon has set its sights on becoming Asia’s leading premier financial education provider. Its ultimate long-term goal is to attain global presence and enrich the lives of as many individuals as possible through its expertise. “We aim to create a million millionaires who will in turn help more people achieve financial freedom,” says Mr. Jimmy Wong.

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