Did you know the terms of Bull and Bear often used in financial markets are derived from the way in which each animal attacks its opponents?

The bull will thrust its horn up into the air while a bear will swipe down. Thats why they are used metaphorically to represent the movement of the market. If there is market growth and upward moving trends considered as bull market, and market decline and downward moving trends represented by bear markets

In order to profit from most investment markets, the usual method/strategy is to “Buy Low, Sell High”, profiting from the Bullish trend.

Truth is.. it isn’t that easy to just “Buy Low, Sell High”.

You may Buy Low.. but the market may go even lower than your purchase price, resulting in a loss. That is where the advanced traders practice “shorting”; where traders perform a sell trade before buying them, and hopes the price will go down. A prime example would be Gamestop’s Short Squeeze; Wall Street racking up millions in losses overnight.

It is paramount to have a profit-proven and time-tested strategy heading into any investment.

Here at JF Lennon, we believe that trading can be made Fun, Easy and Stress-Free. You need not stare at charts all day long so as to enter your trades. We adopt a systematic approach that focuses on; Strategy, Money Management and most importantly Emotional Discipline to achieve consistent profits in Forex Trading.

Want to learn more about how we do it?

Join us in a preview where we teach you how the everyday trader can profit from the worlds’ largest financial market.

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