Bootcamp Traders 3A Gathering 1

On a clear skied Monday night, a rumbling sound of a Lamborghini Gallardo roared into the street of Duxton Hill and parked alongside a Café and Bar – Flying Hog, which is also the venue of the Boot Camp 3 (A) Gathering.

As the owner of the Italian supercar steps out, he is immediately greeted by the crowd that has started to gather there since 7pm. He is none other than the CEO of JF Lennon, Jimmy Wong, together with the Boot Campers from 3(A).

The night started out with boot campers enjoying a scrumptious meal with the café’s popular serving of Fish and Chips, Oxtail Stew, Chicken Wings, Smoked Bratwurst and many more. The night continued with Boot Campers catching up with one another and exchanging stories of the ‘battlefield’ which is the Forex Market. With the live market showing the USDJPY on display in the bar, Boot Campers were updated with recent happenings of JF Lennon as well as a recap of certain topics that were shared during the Boot Camp.

Jimmy also shared his vision and gave trading opinions about the market movement. Students got their questions answered and many look forward to joining the next Boot Camp. The night ended with more drinks as laughter filled the whole venue.

JF Lennon would like to thank everyone who attended the Boot Camp Gathering for making it a success as this has undoubtedly tighten the bond of Boot Campers and look forward to future gatherings to come.

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