Bootcamp Traders 2 Gathering with Jimmy Wong

From the serene sandy beaches of Bintan, the traders from JF Lennon Trading Boot Camp 2 are now back in bustling Singapore to relive their experience and strengthen the friendship that has been built during the 3 day 2 night event.

One week after the successful event, the traders gathered in a café along a popular night spot in the city with the JF Lennon and InTrillion team, lead by Jimmy Wong, CEO and Co-founder of JF Lennon.

With food and drinks abound, students paid their fullest attention as Jimmy took the stage and shared further about FOREX trading and reemphasized the importance of managing emotions and money management during their trading endeavor.

Armed with their new found skills, the Boot Camp traders practiced their knowledge of candlestick trading with Jimmy giving pointers on aspects to look out for. Through the practice session, they have taken their understanding about candlestick trading to greater heights and achieved a higher level of accuracy.
The event ended with a group photo with everyone looking forward to the next gathering.

Again, JF Lennon would like to thank all the Bootcamp Traders for their continuous support, faith and belief in JF Lennon and wishes them all the best in their trading endeavor.

Click HERE for those of you who missed out Trading Bootcamp 2

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