Bootcamp Family Day

The much awaited gathering for BC2 and BC3(B) happened on 7th April 2012. The theme for the BC3(B) Gathering was “BC FAMILY DAY” Barbeque party and the venue was a luxurious condo complex well-equipped with a beautiful swimming pool and spacious BBQ pits.

Jimmy Wong always emphasized FAMILY VALUES in his businesses and has regarded all his students as part of his family. The bonding is highly regarded as part of the trading journey by all Boot Campers and they valued the family ties created over the months they knew each other.

Boot Campers brought their families along and made it a Boot Camp Gathering – Family Day. Water polo, one of the main outdoor activities during the Boot Camp, was planned for the day. Just when the water polo participants, all geared in board shorts, were about to hit the pool, the weather started to rain and hence it has to be postponed. However, this rain presents another opportunity for everyone to bond together.

To ensure everyone has time for fun and opportunity to mingle around, food to be barbequed was pre-ordered and a professional was engaged to prepare the food. A wide variety of food was served ranging from grilled sambal calamari rings, honey chicken wings, variety of fragrant satays, grilled chicken chop and many more.

As the following week was the CEO, Jimmy Wong’s birthday, the boot campers prepared a cake to surprise him and towards the end of the event, they whipped out the cake and collectively sang the Happy Birthday Song, much to the surprise of Jimmy. As Jimmy blew out the candles and made his birthday wish, he thanked everyone present and once again reminded everyone to trade well.

JF Lennon would like to thank BC3(B) who organized this beautiful and memorable event and making it a success. Thank you all for the food, drinks, fun and laughter brought together by everyone.

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