Bootcamp 4 Gathering 1

The Trading Bootcamp 4 is officially one week old and it is the time for the Post-Boot Camp Gathering where Boot Campers group together and relive the experience they had during the 3-Day,2-Night event and share their trading journey after the Boot Camp so far.

With their new found skills that they’ve gotten in Boot Camp, Dennis led the Boot Campers in a discussion on the market that has occurred since the Boot Camp concluded a week ago. As the discussion went on, Boot Campers took this opportunity to practice their new knowledge of candlestick trading and refresh what they have learnt during the Boot Camp together with JF Lennon trainers. They have now taken their understanding on the strategies and achieved a higher level of accuracy.

Towards the end of the event, the Boot Campers had a great time bonding together and many have already expressed their excitement in attending the next Advance Boot Camp, not only to learn the new skills from the man himself, Jimmy Wong, but to make new friends.

Again, JF Lennon would like to thank all the Boot Campers for their continuous support and belief in JF Lennon and wishes them all the best in their trading endeavor. We look forward to seeing all Boot Campers again in upcoming Boot Camps and Gatherings.

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