Bootcamp 2

6 March 2012

Boot Camp 2 Second Gathering was held on 6th March 2012, at the very comfort of JF Lennon’s office, where Master, students and trainers reunite for an evening of exchanges and knowledge sharing.

A evening kicked off with Dennis briefing the Boot Campers on the commitment of Jimmy Wong’s post boot camp mentoring sessions, exciting updates and activities of JF Lennon in 2012. The session is followed by the sharing of the Boot Camper’s trading experiences since attending the Boot Camp in November.

After a round of sharing, Jimmy Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of JF Lennon, steps in to address the group. He pointed out and addressed the trading pitfalls observed among the Boot Campers trading results. Jimmy once again emphasized the importance of money management, and specifically on handling Emotions as it is plays the biggest role in Forex trading.

Jimmy passionately mentored and guided the team’s trading mindset back on track through his sharing and at times, stern advices, all in the interest of the Boot Campers on becoming a successful trader. He gave them the reassurances that as long as they follow the trading system of JF Lennon, he will continue to guide and mentor them and there is no way that they will falter. He also shared his vision of grooming a team of elite traders who in turn will be able to exponentially support the mission of JF Lennon in helping the needy through the newly created wealth on a larger scale basis, where one of the ways is by creating funds to trade for charity. There were overwhelming support from the Boot Campers on his vision, and everyone in turn gave Jimmy their assurances on becoming a disciplined trader adhering to the guidance given.

Before the session came to an end, Jimmy then reviewed and reinforced the sharing of his trading experiences during the Boot Camp and provided 03 trade calls, 1 of which TOOK PROFIT (TPed) with more than 25 pips within two hours of the call, and the other 2 TOOK PROFIT (TPed) within 2 days. Wth Jimmy’s trade calls, bootcamp traders have PROFITED more than 160pips from the 3 trade calls given.

At the close, Boot Campers gave praises and showed their gratitude they have towards Jimmy in his Facebook fan page for his continuous commitment in guiding and mentoring his students so that they are all successful.

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