Dato Jimmy Wong – Forex/Investments AMA

Forex & Investment – ASK ME ANYTHING!

Our “AMA” was a roaring success. Over more than 70 participants attended the first ever Forex & Investment Ask Me Anything session.

The feedback I have received from the attendees have been overwhelming. Every participant was amazing and supportive of this event. I appreciated the guts and openness in exposing appalling and sneaky approaches to prey on consumers by some unethical and dodgy schools. Scammers have invented all sorts of fake money-making opportunities to prey on your enthusiasm and greed. Watch out – If it is too good to be true, it probably is!

This event is a good start but needs a lot of work to continue educating the public on SCAMS – a relentless move to eradicate investment scams. I will make every effort to educate the public on how to identify a REAL investment school or courses.

JF Lennon & I would like to thank all supporters who made the event a success and attendees for prioritizing their valuable time for this session. We will be holding our next session soon.

Have a great week ahead

Jimmy Wong

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