About JF Lennon Forex School

Responsible Forex Education

JF Lennon Institute of Financial Science was established with the primary focus on the research and development of financial trading methodologies and technologies. The institute envisions being a premier institution serving the Asia Pacific region, providing quality financial education of the highest standards. Central to our mission is the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge in the Forex Markets.

In order to achieve a position of market leadership, JFL thrives in our relentless pursuit of wealth creation methodologies of Financial Science through continuous research and development efforts on trading the Forex market, as well as our commitment to create a supportive environment for effective Forex education.

Our Vision

Realising the full potential of FOREX through proper education – to drive a new era of honest, proven and results focused FOREX trading.


Our Mission

Our mission centers on T.E.A.C.H:

To Train every man on the street to use our proven Forex Trading Systems.

To Enlighten Traders on Successful Trading = Knowing Yourself.

To Advocate responsible Forex Trading habits to every trader.

To Create a continuous learning environment for Traders.

To Help the needy through the newly created Forex Wealth.

Our Promise

Under the leadership of JF Lennon’s CEO and owner Dato Jimmy Wong, the institute will focus on teaching responsibly, researching, discovering and conveying invaluable knowledge of wealth creation to help expand personal growth, advance social and community development, foster economic competitiveness and improve the overall quality of life

Dato' Jimmy Wong (D.I.M.S)

Dato' Jimmy Wong (D.I.M.S)


Internationally renowned, multi- talented entrepreneur, Dato’ Jimmy Wong has a span of successful businesses across Asia. He is fondly known as “The Region’s TOP FOREX Trader in Singapore and Asia” by Singapore’s The Business Time. In the trading world, he is a maestro and a strong believer of wealth creation through trading the Forex market with discipline and system trading.

He has created his millions through trading the Forex market with his unique trading skill set. His possession of an almost encyclopaedic depth and breadth of Forex trading has made him extraordinarily successful in assisting young traders and traders-to-be when it comes to exploring the possibilities of wealth creation through Forex.

Dato’ Jimmy’s unique trading skill set has created multiple consistent winning trades and set many renowned trade precedence. Currently he holds the unbeaten record of turning USD50,000 to USD150,000 (200% gains) in less than 12 trading days, and this was accomplished LIVE under the strict public scrutiny of hundreds of seminar attendees.

Under his visionary leadership, JF Lennon has rapidly grown from a small company to a local business coaching students across countries of Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Taiwan, Korea, China, Brunei, Philippines, Switzerland, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

As inspirational public figure, Dato’ Jimmy has won many accolades:

  • The Singapore Brands Award
  • Singapore Outstanding Enterprise
  • Asia Pacific Brands Awards
  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award
  • Promising SME500
  • SME One Asia Awards

Dato’ Jimmy is well-recognised in the media and has been commonly featured in the mass media:

  • The Straits Times
  • The Sunday Times
  • The Business Times
  • Lianhe Zao Bao
  • Shin Min Ri Bao
  • Channel News Asia
  • AsiaOne.com
  • Invest Magazine
  • Property Guru
  • Entrepreneur’s Digest
    • The SME Magazine
    • The Black Magazine
    • Young Professional
    • Your Choice
    • YiWu Shang Bao
    • TVS Nan Fang Dian Shi Tai 南方电视台(China)
    • Xin Wen Zong He Pin Dao 新闻综合频道(China)
    • Jing Tian Zixun Tai – Master is Here 靖天資訊台 – 大師來了 (Taiwan)
    • VT10 (Vietnam)
    • HTV7 (Vietnam)

Today, Jimmy is the Chairman and CEO of JF Lennon, Institute of Financial Science, he is also a multiple award-winning serial entrepreneur, private investor, movie producer, author of several books as well as venture capitalist who has studied, and solved virtually every type of conceivable business question, challenge and opportunity.

With his conferment of Darjah Indera Mangku Sultan Mahmud Baharudin III as DATO JIMMY WONG, he is determined to serve and inspire more people around the world with his expertise and experience.

Our Team

Kathleen Soh

Kathleen Soh


Kathleen has more than a decade of experience in the corporate world. She is an expert in business development, strategic marketing, business operations, product branding, high-level leadership and business negotiations skills by which she has built many successful companies and grew JF Lennon into Asia’s fastest growing FOREX institute.

With a Major in Mass Communication and as a Director of JF Lennon, she heads the company’s business operations and development and also trains her team. Many were trained and inspired under her strong leadership. She has a belief that everyone in her team has a potential so great that is waiting to be uncovered and she will become the catalyst in bringing out the best in them.

Janel Wong


Chen Mingjie


Dylan Huan

Business Development
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