JF Lennon Trusted Forex Trading Education

Power Price-Action Strategies

Learn to trade based on real-time Price-Action Candlestick strategies and to profit consistently WITHOUT using confusing technical indicators, complex research or market hype.

We keep things simple, easy to understand and advocate trading responsibly.

Time Tested & Proven Results

We consistently deliver consistent, profitable and realistic results – without the hype or wild promises like other ‘Forex Schools’.

We are open and transparent about our returns and our students share their results and wins on our Fan page.

No Experience Required

Our students’ ages ranges from 13 ~ 88 years old, from all different educational backgrounds.

Our courses are designed specifically to cover all basic and fundamental trading essentials – from creating your own account, and learning how to place your first trade.

Forex Trading Made Simple, Easy & Fun with NO Experience Required

Learn simple, easy to understand concepts to make Forex Trading a profitable and stress-free activity!

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